Automate The Recruitment Process For Efficient Hirings

Faster Onboarding For Your Recruitment Team

AI-Powered Profile Parsing For Efficient Resume Screening

Innovative Recruitment Software To Streamline Your Hiring Workflow

Introducing Smoothire, an all-in-one recruitment CRM software that offers comprehensive staffing solutions to recruitment agencies. It helps them hire the best talents and connect them with their clients. Smoothire’s recruitment CRM software has everything you need to drive your recruitment business forward. 


Redefine Hiring With Customized Workflow

Smoothire’s staffing software for recruitment agencies is a revolutionary solution to tackle one of the toughest hiring challenges, like scattered hiring workflow and higher turnaround time. Smoothire crafted staffing solutions tailored for recruitment agencies to slash the onboarding period, boost efficiency, and swiftly onboard top talents. Its automated hiring workflow ensures you don’t have to settle for the one-size-fits-all approach and can meet your unique hiring needs.

The application also offers a pre-built default hiring workflow for recruiters, allowing them to speed up the recruitment process for similar job roles and titles. It is designed to help you save precious time by automating repetitive tasks like CV screening and initiating bulk emailing campaigns.


Intuitive Recruitment CRM Software

Smoothire, the best-in-class staffing agency software, is equipped with candidate relationship management capabilities and helps you nurture a long-term professional relationship with clients. Its intuitive features ensure sustainable candidate engagement. Additionally, this innovative solution streamlines client engagement and gets them involved in hiring.

Smoothire recruitment software allows you to access a vast and extensive candidate database from a centralized location while enabling you to manage your clients effectively. Furthermore, it offers features that empower you to build and operate a personalized candidate and client engagement system to improve hiring efficiency. 


Advanced Analytics To Track Team Performance

Are you feeling lost when evaluating the performance and contributions of your hiring team? Not anymore! With Smoothire’s recruiting software for staffing agencies, you can leverage advanced analytics to get invaluable insights into your team’s performance. With Smoothire, you can effortlessly track critical metrics and make informed decisions to drive success.

But that’s not it. It offers insights into total revenue and individual client contributions for a clear revenue picture. If you want to unlock the power of data to propel your recruitment effort, Smoothire’s advanced analytics can help you optimize your recruitment business’s strategy. 

Comprehensive Features To Elevate Recruitment Process

Smoothire is more than just a recruitment software for staffing agencies; it offers features that provide recruiters with a comprehensive hiring solution that accomplishes the recruitment process with agility, efficiency, and transparency. 

Smoothire offers an intuitive and interactive application tracking system (ATS) to manage your entire recruitment process, sourcing bulk talents to AI-powered resume parsing and onboarding everything in one unified platform.

Smoothire provides an efficient CRM that allows you to manage your clients and candidates efficiently by scheduling meetings, sending customized emails, and adding important notes to keep your corporate communication transparent.

Smoothire’s recruiting software offers many tools to foster better teamwork and ensure everyone stays aligned and in a loop by facilitating comprehensive communication channels like emails and calls.

Smoothire’s intelligent analytics feature gives valuable insights into your team’s performance. You can evaluate and analyze individual and team contributions while keeping track of revenue generated from each client.

Highest Client Satisfaction Rate

Shikha Singh
Shikha Singh
HR Manager
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Smoothire has revolutionized our recruitment process. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have streamlined our workflow, allowing us to find and hire top talent faster than ever before. Highly recommended for any staffing agency looking to boost efficiency and productivity.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Recruitment Manager
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As a busy staffing agency, we needed a solution that could handle our complex recruitment needs. Smoothire exceeded our expectations with its robust functionality and features. From candidate sourcing to onboarding, Smoothire has become an indispensable tool in our arsenal.
David Lee
David Lee
HR Manager
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Smoothire has been a game-changer for our staffing agency. Its user-friendly platform and comprehensive features have made our recruitment process more efficient and effective. With Smoothire, we've been able to attract top talent, streamline our operations, and stay ahead of the competition.
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Why Choose Smoothire?

What makes our staffing agency software unique and innovative is its ability to make hiring comprehensive, efficient, and frictionless for recruiters, empower them to connect top talents with employers and industries, and help them incorporate a robust talent acquisition process.


Data-Driven Decisions

Insights and analytics to aid informed decision-making in the hiring process.

Best Hiring Workflow

Simplify and speed up the hiring process by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Smooth Data Migration

AI-powered parsing to migrate large data sets and upload them flawlessly.

Robust User Support

Complete support and timely updates for enhanced functionality.

Highly Configurable & Customizable

Highly tailored solution to meet your recruitment goals.

Improved Hiring Outcomes

A recruiting software to improve the hiring outcome.

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