Top 10 Bullhorn Alternatives (List of Top Recruitment Softwares)

Top 10 Bullhorn Alternatives | Smoothire
Bullhorn has carved a significant niche in the world of recruitment software, empowering agencies to streamline their workflows. But the landscape is vast, and the needs of recruitment agencies are diverse. Here, we explore 10 compelling Bullhorn alternatives, each offering unique features and functionalities to propel you for a smoother recruitment process. Whether you’re seeking a more budget-friendly option, a platform with a specific industry focus, or a solution that prioritizes a user-friendly interface. This list unveils a range of options to empower your agency’s success.

Top 10 Bullhorn Alternatives For Staffing Firms:

1. Smoothire

Smoothire is one of the premier staffing software available and a great Bullhorn alternative. This tool features some of the best applications that are necessary for recruitment agencies. This feature-rich platform integrates seamlessly with existing tools, offering robust applicant tracking, customer relationship management, and powerful analytics. It prioritizes a smooth and intuitive interface, ensuring your recruitment team spends less time navigating the software and more time building relationships with clients and candidates. Smoothire embraces the latest recruitment trends, offering features like built-in communication tools, ATS, CRM and chrome extensions to help you connect with candidates with no hassle.Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer! Smoothire is trusted by top-tier recruitment agencies such as EliteRecruitments to optimize their hiring procedures, highlighting its reliability and effectiveness in the recruiting industry. Here are some of the best Smoothire features are:
  • ATS: Smoothire’s ATS helps recruiters effectively track candidate applications and data. It allows recruiters to efficiently manage the entire recruitment process, from initial sourcing to final placement.
  • CRM: Smoothire’s integrated CRM allows recruiters to manage clients and candidates on the same platform.
  • Bulk Upload: Smoothire’s advanced bulk data import feature, staffing agencies can effortlessly transfer substantial datasets like candidate resumes from diverse sources and migration existing client base.  
  • Team Collaboration: It offers seamless team collaboration, allowing your recruitment team to stay connected and work together toward meeting clients’ requirements.
  • Analytics: Smoothire’s data analytics tools allow recruiters to check individual and team performance as well as the work progress. 
  • Data Security: Smoothire has a robust security infrastructure that incorporates industry-leading practices to protect your sensitive data.
  • Visually appealing and smoother navigation.
  • Integrated ATS & CRM for effective recruitment as well as client and candidate management.
  • Quick support from the team.
  • Tracking Individual Performance Through Advanced Analytics
  • Bulk Data Import/Upload optimized.
  • Limited feature access.
  • Frequent app updates lag slightly when doing tasks.
Pricing: A 6-month free trial is initially available to recruitment agencies.

2. Zoho Recruit 

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based hiring platform that gives HR teams and recruitment agencies the digital tools needed to fill roles quickly and efficiently. It also offers a robust ATS and CRM in a single recruitment platform. The software is recognized for its ability to reduce candidate drop-offs and enhance employee engagement. Pros:
  • It offers a greater level of integration with other Zoho products and other third-party applications.
  • It supports vast customization options, and hence, various fields can be modified as needed.
  • Zoho has a clean interface and intuitive UI and provides unlimited job postings.
  • There is limited storage in the free version.
  • You need to pay extra for some add-ons. 
  • The Mobile Application is unstable and often crashes.
  • Lack of full-time support team.
Pricing: Zoho Recruit has a free version with limited functionality. The premium version has different pricing for corporate HR and staffing agencies. For staffing agencies, the pricing starts at ₹1250 per user/month ( if billed annually). Also, It comes with 15-day free trials. 

3. Ceipal ATS

Ceipal ATS is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed to streamline and improve the talent acquisition process. It uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks like resume parsing, candidate matching, and job board filtering. This can help recruiters save time and identify the most qualified candidates. The best thing about this HR recruitment software is that it combines Application Tracking System( ATS), Vendor Management System( VMS), and workforce management. Pros:
  • It offers a wide range of integrations with other applications.
  • AI-powered features provide efficient candidate sourcing and skill matching. 
  • Modern and intuitive user interface  
  • Offers a Centralized candidate management system.
  • Huge repository for the documents.
  • Can’t update an existing job posting.
  • Inefficient in locating duplicate candidate data.
  • Login Time expires in a few minutes, which is frustrating.
  • No authorization for data deletion. 
  • Lags during mass emailing.
Pricing: Ceipal ATS offers three types of plans that include a free version with limited functionality. The other two plans cost – CEIPAL ATS at $24 per user per month and CEIPAL Workforce at $100 per month. 

4. Avionté Staffing and Recruiting Software

Avionté is a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software and the most trusted technology partner for staffing and recruiting firms for front- and back-office software. This recruitment software solution caters to the complete employment journey, encompassing everything from application and onboarding to scheduling, timekeeping, and payroll management. With its scalable cloud-based platform and unified record system, Avionté ensures streamlined workflow management across all stages of staffing and recruitment. Pros: 
  • It offers multiple integration functionalities.
  • Talent Compare feature in an individual profile.
  • Lack of efficient support team.
  • Activities take a lot of work to go through. 
  • It is expensive compared to other recruitment tools.
  • Lack of complementary new user training.
Pricing: Avionte Staffing has a quote-based pricing model. Its base price starts from $750.

5. Betterleap

Betterleap is focused on building relationships with potential hires. This AI-based platform makes use of cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning strategies to locate potential applicants who are an excellent fit for specific roles. Its AI engine examines massive data, including resumes and professional networks.  It also offers a Chrome extension to find candidate emails and send personalized outreach sequences. Betterleap integrates with popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and is ideal for smaller agencies or tech-savvy recruiters seeking an efficient way to connect with top talent. Pros: 
  • AI-Powered Algorithms
  • Robust Customer Support
  • In-App Messaging Support
  • AI Suggestions are a bit inaccurate sometimes. 
  • A limited number of variables for email sequencing.
Pricing: Betterleap costs $200/user/month. At the same time, you may get a customized quote for an enterprise plan.

6. Crelate

Crelate is an end-to-end recruitment software for staffing agencies. It is designed to maintain the recruitment workflow quickly and easily. Its customizable drag-and-drop interface helps recruiters to track the progress of your candidates quickly.  It provides busy recruiters with essential features, including Outlook client integration, email tracking, flexible workflows, candidate portal, mobile access, client submittals, and more. It also delivers comprehensive onboarding, training, and service – all at an affordable price. Pros: 
  • Dedicated and detailed reporting and analytics page covering every aspect of the sale, recruitment, and delivery process. 
  • Easy transitions from the previous database. 
  • Strong features for resume management, candidate searching, and job postings.
  • Integrates with popular recruiting tools and job boards.
  • The notification system is not good. (As you need to be in the app to receive notifications for new texts from candidates)
  • Company records don’t have proper email correspondence order.
Pricing: Crelate has two plans – Business & Business Plus, which respectively cost $99/user/month and $144/user/month. It also offers a free trial.

7. Manatal

Manatal represents a cutting-edge recruitment solution tailored for both recruitment agencies and internal HR teams across diverse sectors. Renowned for its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly interface, it incorporates AI-driven functionalities such as candidate filtering and recommendations. Supporting the entire recruitment lifecycle, Manatal offers customizable pipelines, enhances candidate profiles through social media integration, and provides a mobile application for convenient access anytime, anywhere. Pros:
  • It is super helpful to find candidates in the database.
  • Excellent support team
  • Offers seamless integration with Outlook & LinkedIn Chrome extensions. 
  • Easy Revenue Tracking
  • No dedicated mobile app
  • No integration of job board
  • Not so much focus on candidate experience
  • No text- or chat-based candidate engagement
  • Some features are hard to find in the interface
Pricing: Manatal starts offering its services starting from $15/user/month and goes up to $55/user/month. Also, they are offering a 14-day trial.

8. Vincere

Vincere is one of the top-notch recruitment operating systems(RecOS) built for recruitment & staffing agencies. It is easy to use as CRM and ATS, which concedes a fluid navigation experience through the pipelines. Pros: 
  • The ATS Pipeline is very robust.
  • Allows in-depth customization to match your specific recruitment processes.
  • Automates repetitive tasks like scheduling interviews and sending emails, freeing up recruiters’ time.
  • It has a responsive and helpful customer service team.
  • It offers Vincere Intelligence for analytics. 
  • Data searching is a bit tricky, and sometimes it fetches up invalid candidates.
  • Vincere’s extensive features can take time to master, especially for new users.
  • Customization of reports is unavailable. 
Pricing: Vincere pricing starts from $99/month/user.

9. Rippling

Rippling is a one-stop solution for running HR, IT & Finance. It has all the features collectively needed for a workforce system that are normally scattered across an organization. This allows users to manage and automate every aspect of the employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding. Recruiters can use Rippling to take a new hire anywhere globally and set up their payroll, computer, benefits, and third-party apps like Slack, Trello, or Microsoft 365 – all within 90 seconds. Pros:
  • Visually appealing and easy to use.
  • Seamless integration of various HR functions such as benefits management, payroll, PTO tracking, and more ensures smooth platform performance.
  • Poor support system. (Only available through Chatbot, and email responses are too late)
  • Their payout process is lengthy, which is frustrating for agencies.
  • Confusing contracts.
  • Not suitable for large size organizations
Pricing: Rippling price starts from $8/month/user. It offers customized plans for agencies of different sizes. 

10. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is one of the top bullhorn alternatives that is reputed for delivering quality hiring solutions. Hundreds of successful companies, like DoorDash, Betterment, and Wayfair, use Greenhouse to optimize all aspects of their hiring and onboarding. This shows the efficiency and credibility it offers to the organizations. It offers many detailed features that other platforms need more, such as multilingual app support. It also offers interview experience in six languages, making things easier for candidates. Also, It asks candidates for users for correct name pronunciations and their preferred pronouns to skip any embarrassment. Also, it mitigates any chances of bias by sending automated reminders for hiring teams to consider inclusive practices and anonymized take-home tests. Here are some pros & cons:  Pros: 
  • It provides seamless integration of tools like Spark Hire, Zoom, Google Meet & Teams. 
  • It treats candidates with respect regardless of the hiring decisions.
  • It allows you to take candidate surveys that can be further used to improve the candidate journey.   
  • They lack customer support on call– the only way to connect them is via live chat, which can be frustrating to explain complex issues.
  • Data Transfer is slightly slower than that of competitors. 
  • Inconsistency in accessing stakeholder calendars makes interview scheduling complex.
  • Emails from candidates don’t sync dynamically and need to be synced manually.
Pricing: Greenhouse offers pricing plans tailored to the size of your enterprise. Each package is available to companies of any size, equipping you with the tools to establish a scalable, organization-wide hiring process.

Why Smoothire is a Better Alternative to Bullhorn?

Bullhorn has positioned its name as a leader in the HR recruitment software market, offering a robust suite of tools for high-volume recruitment and complex workflows. However, the landscape is evolving. If you’re seeking a powerful yet user-friendly solution, consider Smoothire as a strong Bullhorn alternative. It features many powerful functionalities like:
  • Chrome Extension: Facilitates the effortless importation of candidate information from diverse job boards and social media platforms. For instance, it streamlines the process of importing LinkedIn profiles, enabling direct communication with candidates.
  • Effortless Sourcing: Simplifies the sourcing and categorization of candidate profiles with just a single click.
  • Candidate Administration: Enables easy access to candidate contact details and allows for personalized email sequences to nurture candidates.
  • Pipeline Oversight: With Smoothire, you can keep track of your pipeline’s status and gain insights into daily activities.
  • Bulk Data Import & Upload: Smoothire offers bulk importing of extensive datasets from different job portals.

Why should Smoothire be the choice of Recruitment Agency?

We can witness Smoothire as a powerful and user-friendly Bullhorn alternative built for modern recruitment needs. It is your one-stop shop for streamlining your hiring process. Ditch the outdated software and stay ahead in the recruitment industry. Unlock a world of efficiency and reliability with six months of free trial from Smoothire. Request for the demo today!

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